• how install UNDISTRACTED VERS. 1.76 ‼️ 2019 version


    Description: UnDistracted - 4301 KB - - Productivity - MacPlus Software

    v 1.76 UnDistracted

    UnDistracted gives you the tools you need to make your desktop less distracting, so you can focus on the task at hand. The app lets you perform specific actions, like darkening unused background windows, hiding all the files on your desktop, and even making the Dock and menu bar disappear altogether for a truly zen-like working environment. UnDistracted Features - Shadows windows of inactive applications (like these apps do: HazeOver, StayFocused) - Hides Dock and menu bar - Hides icons on the desktop - Automatically turns "do not disturb" mode on and sets respective status in messengers (Skype and Adium, in the nearest time we will will add support for some other applications and messengers) - Runs various scripts when turning "Focus mode" on/off - Unlike other applications, UnDistracted removes all distracting factors "in one click" - Unique feature of UnDistracted is its ability to launch and close applications, turn system functions on/off, change system parameters, basically change everything that is available on macOS with AppleScript, bash and modification of system settings.

    Updated to 10.13.4 XBCOH-UNDISTRACTED-VER.-1.73.APP [4989 KB]
    Updated version l9Vta_ver._1.80_UnDistracted.zip [4042 KB]
    MacOS 1Aig-vers.1.7-UnDistracted.pkg [4559 KB]
    Best for OS X XIF_UNDISTRACTED_VERS_1.78.PKG [4128 KB]

    MacPlus Software
    Torrent version key UnDistracted 1.76

    Best El Captan LEAF-GUIDE-VER-1.4-GVRESN.APP [105799 kb] 1.1
    New Mojave Ymg_Colol_v_1.0.3.app [37427 kb] 1.0.4
    for 10.13 qsFyP.Light.Master.1.4.app [2949 kb] 1.2
    New OS X Power-JSON-Editor-vers-1.9.3-s9i7LO.tar.gz [5427 kb] 1.6.1
    Version iMac v.1.4.3.MacGourmet:Nutrition.73DG.app [3190 kb] 1.3.7
    to MacBook Pro DR._SEUSS_COLLECTION_VER._1.3.1_R989TB.DMG [264212 kb] 2.0.1

    [4085 kbytes] App cnEgJ UnDistracted vers 1.77 1.51 Recomended 10.11.6
    [4257 kbytes] Update KJIYBF UNDISTRACTED V.1.77 1.78 Updated version
    [3569 kbytes] Free v 1.7 UnDistracted flMP5r 1.78 Updated to 10.13.6
    [3741 kbytes] Update wXWB0e v 1.78 UnDistracted 1.51 Mac mini
    [4774 kbytes] App vca5 1.73 UnDistracted 1.77 Recomended MacBook
    [4946 kbytes] Download v1Vb1 1.51 UnDistracted 1.79 Recomended on 10.12.5
    [4257 kbytes] Download vers.2.76 UnDistracted nEe 1.80 Best on iMac Pro

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